Single Male and Female

Bekenet Soulmate chating/Business site is a place where africa single male and female come to search for their soulmate(life Partner),and selling and buying products at the avaliable market place at soulmate using our automatch engine to send a notification to users

Tips to get started

  • 1 – PROFILE PICTURE: Using a clear and beautiful profile picture is the very first step to attracting that person you want; ensure you upload a clear picture of yourself.
  • 2 – TAKE ABOUT YOURSELF: Telling that special person who you are, what your interest are and the rest is very important, make sure you spend some time to express yourself with the About Me content.
  • 3 – STAY ACTIVE: Maintain an active subscription on Bekenet Soulmate platform is not just enough but staying connected online is very important, keep the communication active and don’t be in a rush to take it out of the Bekenet SoulMate platform, remember to read our Safety Tips.
  • 4 – MORE PICTURES: Yes, having your profile image uploaded is a very good step, take it further by uploading more pictures of yourself under your photos, be creative, expressive and intentional by sharing real images. Profiles with more pictures are likely to get more attention than just profile picture.